Our spring tryouts will be held on Sunday, January 29th

Please click on the tryout form below to submit your time slot preferences, and feel free to email munty@yira.org with any questions or concerns.

The tryout process consists of three parts: an individual interview, a group discussion, and a brief impromptu speech.

The topics, which will be provided on the day of tryouts, will center around well-known international debates.

The tryout will evaluate intellectual creativity, passion for international affairs, a love of speech and debate, and a willingness to put forward new and novel ideas. 

The Interview

The interview, by far the most relaxed portion of the tryout process, will be conducted by a number of different MUNTY members who will ask questions about academic aspirations and personal interests. Interviews are a chance for you to show the team a little of your personality, sense of humor, and ability to connect with people, a necessary skill in Model U.N.

The Group Discussion

The group discussion is an opportunity to show off your debate skills in a small group of other applicants. You will discuss a topic of international importance (e.g. how different nations should respond to the threat of ISIS). The group discussion, monitored by a few MUNTY members, will allow us to see how you interact with other debaters, and if you are able to adequately convey your points in a competitive environment.

The Impromptu Speech

The impromptu speech lets us assess your ability to think quickly and creatively. We will give you a choice of a few topics relevant to international affairs, and allow you a minute or so to prepare a minute-long speech. You will be able to choose a country whose perspective you will represent in your speech. The country cannot be the United States or any other country you have lived in for a significant amount of time. Impromptu speaking is a critical part of Model United Nations, as often you will need to speak publicly and persuasively to your fellow delegates.

MUNTY is a fantastic way to improve your speech and debate skills, broaden your knowledge of international affairs, travel the world on Model U.N. conferences, and get to know a diverse group of Yale undergraduates. We hope you'll join us.



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