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Andrea Fleming

Andrea, a junior at Yale majoring in American Studies, is our current Head Delegate. She served as MUNTY's Social Chair from 2015-2016, and has been involved with a number of different YIRA initiatives, including our high school MUN conference YMUN, and our college MUN conference SCSY. Her academic research at Yale focuses around racial injustice in the U.S. carceral state. Like many MUN-ers, she aspires one day to be a lawyer, and so devotes her summers to researching for various law professors at Yale and beyond.


2016-2017 Leadership


Training Director


Jude Alawa

Jude Alawa is a sophomore in Branford College. He is a Syrian-American from Miami, Florida. Jude is a prospective Molecular Biochemistry and/or Biophysics or Global Affairs Major and is interested in the intersection of medicine and international relations in conflict zones. Outside of the classroom, Jude is involved with the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA), Instrumental Connection, the Yale Rotaract Club, Students Organized for Syria, and non-profit work for refugees. In his spare time, Jude loves to hang out, play basketball, and play music with friends.

Training Director

Nico Religa

Nicholas Religa is a freshman in Branford College. He is an aspiring EP&E major, and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. He is this year's Training and Recruiting Director. Nicholas has been involved in a variety of YIRA programs, including YMUN and SCSY. Outside of MUNTY, Nicholas is a member of the Yale Polo team.

Finance Director

Vinay Basti

Vinay, a junior in Silliman College double majoring in Political Science, is the MUNTY Director of Finance. Outside of MUNTY, he is a Captain for Yale Mock Trial, researches on criminal justice reform for the Center for Inequality, and sings A Cappella with Yale’s Sur Et. Veritaal. He has worked at the White House and Organizing for Action, and is interested in a career in government, appellate law, or criminal justice reform. In his free time, Vinay enjoys watching House of Cards, reading The Atlantic, and listening to Life of Pablo. 

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Sarah Wilkins

Sarah, a junior in Morse College, is serving as MUNTY's Social Chair for the 2016-2017 school year. She has been a member of many different YIRA organizations outside of MUNTY, including YMUN, YMUN Korea and Hemispheres. Additionally, she is pre-med and pursuing a major in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental biology. She spent the last summer working at Close Concerns, a healthcare information company focusing on helping people with diabetes and obesity.


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Head Delegate Emeritus

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Adam Gerard


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